1. Thank you I’m a serving special with Northumbria Police.

  2. thankyou im a serving special police constable with southwales police with 26 years service witch i enjoy ..

  3. Thank you. I am a serving Police Constable with Police Scotland and have 11 years service

  4. Thank you for including me on your list. I’m a retired MPS officer.

  5. Thanks for adding me – retired after 30 with Northumbria

  6. Thanks for the add , im a serving A/SPS with the Met

  7. Thank you, serving with the Met

  8. Thank you – my daughter is a police cadet

  9. Many thanks. Serving Officer 26 yrs service.

  10. Thank you. 15 years in The Met and still going strong

  11. Thanks, retiring from Devon & Cornwall Police this Sept after 30 years

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