Get some of the Best Police kit ideas and Discounted Deals from Police Discount Offers. We have loads of available products at affordable prices. These deals and offers are available for Police Officers, Police Staff, Family and Friends.

You can get equipment from hundreds of stores online and it can be difficult to get the best offers. So we have chosen some of the best deals and most useful kit and listed them on our website. We have loads of different items for sale which are Professional styles of Police which include Boots, Belt Kit, Bags, Torches and much more!

We have offers from some of the biggest websites such as and These types of websites generally have the cheapest prices and have plenty of stock. They also make it easy to purchase the kit you need and also have good returns policy. So if the products you receive are not what you expect then send them back!

What EXTRA kit do Officers need?

If you have plenty of money to splash around then there is an infinite amount of extra equipment you could purchase to help your role within the Police Service.

However, most people are savvy with their money and rightly so! Most of the kit issued by local Forces these days are fairly reliable, which is good news.

There exceptions but that varies between forces. There is loads of extra items that you can buy to make life easier.

One of the best items I required was a torch. The one I was issued with was made of plastic and was very flimsy. Therefore a quick search of our site and you will see some great torches as reasonable prices that won’t break the bank.

Another extra item that might be worth buying is a new Police Bag to hold all your files and paperwork. It seems that the only bag Police Forces issue are HUGE PSU style bags, which are often too big for the role.

There are some great bags out there that will make life that bit easier by storing your kit securely and allowing enough room for everything you need. Again, we have a good selection of some of the best bags that you may want, plus some exclusive offers too.

Another item that none of the Forces issue is a locker organiser! Most Police stations provide you with a small place for all your policing possessions and these are often tiny!

Therefore we have provided some great ideas (locker organisers) to keep your locker in good working order and allow everything its own space. These are essential when you have PSU kit in your locker and find that nothing else will fit inside!

More Equipment for use by Police

So why not use our website to get professional and affordable deals today. These deals are constantly changing so make sure you check back regularly for the best prices!

If you see a piece of Police equipment that you think should be listed on the website then please get in touch. We have loads of deals available, but if something better comes along we would love to promote it!

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