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Flash sale date: 20:00 28/01 -23:59 29/01, lasting 28 hours; VIP customers (above Titanium) will have the early access to our Flash Sale (21:00 25th,Jan)

Expires 29/01/2021

1)Olight Warrior X Turbo BK hotsale tactical torch RRP: £ 139.95 2)Olight S1RII BK Start EDC torches RRP: £54.95 3)Olight i3T pocket light tier gift RRP: £ 21.95

Expires 29/01/2021

Bundle 1: Freyr+ i5T EOS Brass Limited Edition tail light(RRP: £169.9; Sales price: £110.44); Bundle 2: Freyr+ Open 2 Blue Limited Edition penlight (RRP: £189.90; Sales price: £123.44); Bundle 3: Freyr+ Obulb Green Camping light (RRP: £159.90; Sales price: £103.94)

Expires 29/01/2021

Fit for all the Olight Obulb Camping light;Log in and add to your basket at 20:00 28th-23:59 29th

Expires 29/01/2021

1)Over £109 get a FREE I3T random colour (RRP: £21.95); 2)Over £189 get a FREE Open 2 BK penlight (RRP: £49.95); 3)Over £269 get a FREE Olantern camping light in random color (RRP: £79.95); 4)Over £369 get a FREE M2R PRO BK (RRP: £109.95)

Expires 29/01/2021

1)OVER £99 GET A FREE i1R2 BK/DT (RRP:£17.95) 2)OVER £199 GET A FREE ARRAY Headlamp (RRP:£59.95)

Expires 31/01/2021

Get £10 off when you spend over £99

Expires 14/09/2021


Police EXCLUSIVE Offer - SAVE 15% using the code. Doesn't apply to sale items.

Expires 31/12/2021


Apply Cash voucher at checkout to save £5 off your order

Expires 02/01/2030

Shop All OLIGHT UK Police Torches on Amazon
Shop All OLIGHT UK Police Torches on Amazon


Olight provide customers with some of the top of the range Police Tactical torches in the business. The business has been operating for several years providing great products.

We’ve all seen the police issue torches – and no one wants to use those! So why not get yourself a great bit of kit?

What do you get with OLIGHT?

We welcome OLIGHT to the police discount website and they have kindly offered our members a huge 15% Discount.

Plus you can also get extra great discounts on tactical police torches from OLIGHT through their numerous sales and ongoing discounts.

They want to provide you with the best lights in the smallest package possible for the best price, so that you have the right tools to to do your job.

One of the great features I want to mention is that the majority of their torhces lus most torches come with a 5 year guarantee. So if the torch does fail, you have peace of mind that you can return it long after you pruchased it.

Are they only for Police use?

No, these torches are great for all kinds of professions, hobbies and outdoor activites.

Grab a bundle set

If you’re looking for more than one torch, OLIGHT also do bundle deals where you get two or more torches in a set. These also make great gifts for someone who is need of a new torch.

Check out this video of their latest model torch – i5T Warrior X Pro.