Police Officer Survival Kit Gift – Novelty Gift

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Novelty Bag for Cops!

Get this bag of novelty items that show how a loved one cherishes the Police Officer in their life!


A bag of items that reflect the daily struggles, situations and strengths of a Police Officer! Each bag contains one item listed on the label.

Ideal for wedding present, gift or birthday present.

Bag Contains

COFFEE – To make sure you are alert in the mornings.

STAR – To help you be a star police officer.

PAPERCLIP – To help you hold it all together.

CRAYON – To make each day bright and colourful.

JIGSAW PIECE- You are an important ‘piece’ of the community.

ELASTIC BAND – For when you’re stretched to your limit.

SWEETS – To give you energy to get through each day.

CANDLE- To brighten up your day when things get tough.

PLAYING CARD – To help you ‘deal’ with any situation.

TOOTHPICK- To ‘pick’ the best course of action.

SALT – For when you need to take things with a pinch of salt.

TEA BAG – Remember to relax at the end of a hard day’s work.

BUTTON – For the times when you may need to button your lip.

MINT – You are worth a ‘mint’ to all those you help.


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