Ford Police Discount

What is the Ford Police Discount?

The Ford Police Discount is a special program offered by Ford Motor Company to honor law enforcement officers. This program provides significant savings on Ford vehicles to active and retired police officers, reservists, and members of the National Guard.

Who is Eligible for the Ford Police Discount?

Eligibility for the Ford Police Discount extends to active and retired law enforcement officers. This includes members of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Reservists and National Guard members are also eligible.

How Much Can You Save with the Ford Police Discount?

The savings offered through the Ford Police Discount can vary based on the model and year of the vehicle. However, it is generally a significant amount, often making Ford vehicles more affordable for law enforcement officers.

How to Apply for the Ford Police Discount?

Applying for the Ford Police Discount is straightforward. Eligible individuals can apply through their local Ford dealership. Proof of eligibility, such as a valid law enforcement ID, may be required.

Does the Ford Police Discount Apply to All Ford Models?

The Ford Police Discount typically applies to most new and unused Ford vehicles. However, certain models or specific vehicles may be excluded from the program. It’s best to check with your local dealership for specific details.

Can the Ford Police Discount be Combined with Other Offers?

In many cases, the Ford Police Discount can be combined with other Ford offers and incentives. This can lead to even greater savings for eligible law enforcement officers.

Is the Ford Police Discount Available Nationwide?

The Ford Police Discount is available at participating Ford dealerships across the United States. However, the availability of specific models and the amount of the discount may vary by location.

When Does the Ford Police Discount Program End?

The Ford Police Discount is a continuous program and does not have a set end date. However, Ford reserves the right to modify or end the program at any time.

Does Ford Offer a Military Discount?

Yes, in addition to the Police Discount, Ford also offers a Military Appreciation program. This program offers discounts to active military personnel, veterans, and their families.

What Other Discounts Does Ford Offer?

Ford offers a variety of other discounts and incentives, including a College Student Purchase Program, a First Responder Appreciation Program, and a Mobility Motoring Program for individuals with physical disabilities.

What is the History of Ford’s Support for Law Enforcement?

Ford has a long history of supporting law enforcement. The company has been producing police vehicles for over 65 years and has continually offered discounts and incentives to law enforcement personnel.

How Does the Ford Police Discount Compare to Other Manufacturer Discounts?

The Ford Police Discount is competitive with discounts offered by other manufacturers. However, the specific savings and eligibility requirements can vary.

What are the Benefits of the Ford Police Discount?

The Ford Police Discount offers numerous benefits, including substantial savings on new Ford vehicles, the ability to combine the discount with other offers, and the opportunity to honor the service of law enforcement officers.

How to Find a Participating Ford Dealership?

To find a participating Ford dealership, you can visit the Ford website and use the dealer locator tool. You can also contact Ford customer service for assistance.

What are the Terms and Conditions of the Ford Police Discount?

The terms and conditions of the Ford Police Discount can vary by dealership and location. It’s recommended to contact your local dealership or visit the Ford website for detailed information.

Discount Eligibility Application Availability Benefits
Ford Police Discount Active and retired law enforcement officers, reservists, National Guard members Apply at local Ford dealership Available at participating dealerships nationwide Significant savings on new Ford vehicles

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