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Police Officers are constantly on their feet, so choosing the right pair of Police Boots is essential. So what Boots do Police Wear whilst on patrol?

What we have for you is a collection of some of the most affordable and durable Police Boots available!

Whether you are new to the Police or a seasoned veteran we have a great collection of Boots for you.

There are loads of great choice on the internet, including Magnum Boots, Altberg, LOWA and much more.

However each officer will have their own personal choice of Boots and give you their own idea of what make a good police boot.

Obviously it is personal choice what you choose, but we hope with this small collection is somewhere to start looking for your perfect Police Boots!

With prices ranging from very cheap to very expensive, there are loads of styles available.

ALTBERG are known for quality and high performance, but you have to pay for this usually around the £100 mark. So if you are happy to dish out the cash then great, other people might be more conservative with their money.

A good middle of the range boot to chose are MAGNUM BOOTS. Their prices range between £35-£90 so you can see there is plenty of scope to get the right boot at the right price!

But whatever you chose we hope this list helps in some way towards YOUR perfect pair!

What to look for Choosing the Best Police Boots?

You can spend at least 8-10 hours a day in work and wearing your boots, so it is vitally important that you chose the right pair of boots to keep you comfortable.

Whether your in Police, Security or other profession selecting and purchasing Boots can be difficult. You really do need the Best Police Boots so that you perform to the best of your ability whilst wearing them.

There are a several factors to consider when you are in the process of choosing boots. We will take a look at these and consider each component, but one element that shouldn’t be overlooked is support.

Whatever you chose, make sure the Boots support your feet and ankles. Working for the Police and Security can put you into all kinds of different terrains and you will definitely need Supported ankles.

So first thing is to make sure the padding and build quality around the back of the boot and ankle is good quality. Also Boots that lace up around the ankles means you will have extra support from the laces when tied securely.

There are several other factors to consider when choosing your next Police Boots:-

  • Make Sure the Boots are Waterproof

If your Boots are not waterproof, it could be a very long day at the office! Most quality and affordable Boots are waterproof. At the very least you should chose water resistant boots, but these won’t last and will degrade quickly.

  • Quality Soles for Complete Traction

Check the soles. You need good quality soles on your Boots for obvious reasons. Within the Police and security you can get into all sorts of hidden places inside and outside, so this means you need to grip to the terrain the best you can.

Some boots come with reinforced soles, which can be great. What you don’t want is thin low quality soles when treading around broken needles, glass, rusty nails etc.

  • Boots with  Zip or Laces

Lots of Boots come with both these days, where the zip is located on the side of the boots. What this does is allow for quicker release of the boots from your feet.

This feature could be handy in an emergency and need them off in a hurry. It also allows you you have the same fit each time you put the boot on, as you’re not undoing the laces each time.

One drawback with the zips is when the zipper breaks as this usually means that you need a new pair, unless you get the zip repaired which can be costly.

  • Saving the Planet?

Are you an eco friendly person that wants to save the planet at every opportunity? Well you can now get Vegan and recycled boots.

These boots are made with no animal products which means they are better for the eviroment. However, as they are new to the market the price can be a bit more than you may want to pay.

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What’s New for Police Boots 2023?

There are plenty of new styles Boots out there for this year. One of the very latest types of new boots is – Vegan Assault Boots. These are made by the Company Magnum and contain no animal products.

Another type of boot new to the market are Boots made from recycling materials and are vegan friendly. These types can be found from different retailers including Amazon, Magnum, CopShop and more.

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Purchasing boots is very much a personal thing and everyone will be different. The prices can vary from cheap to expensive, but in a lot of cases you get what you pay for.

You will be using these Police Boots on a daily basis and we recommend buying boots that will last. I know from personal experience that Alt-Berg Boots are of high quality build and will definitely last years.

Just remember the different features above that can make a good quality boots and you may just find a bargain online or in-store.

Don’t forget that you should always look after your Boots, keeping them clean and polished, as this will make them last longer (saving you money). If you’re unsure on how to polish police boots then just use our handy guide for the best tips.

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