Police Kit Bags

What Police Kit Bag are you looking for?

There are any shapes and sizes when is comes to finding the perfect patrol bag. The first thing you need to concider is what the function of the bag will be? For example, will it used for carrying weight on a Police PSU depolyment? Or will it carry you everyday patrol kit? It maybe you need a bag that covers both these situations.

Once you understand what you bag main uses will be then it’s time to find that perfect bag. We have plenty of styles listed below, from rucksack to laptop bags. Each one of these bags is useful in its own way.

Pockets? How Many pockets do you want?

A lot of deployent bags and PSU style bags will be covered in smaller utility pockets. These are great! You can never have enough because it makes it so much easier to sort out your kit and keep it separate.

The only downside to all these pockets and pouches is remembering what you keep in each pocket!

Some of the patrol bags you will notice come with specific pouches for specifc police items. For instance, the Zulu patrol bag comes with a large torch pouch that will fit a 3 cell maglite torch, but it’s not much use for anything else.

MOLLE System on your Police Kit Bag?

There are several types of police kit bags that come with the Molle system, again this will be down to personal preference whether you wish the molle design or not.

I would say that it is benefical to have the MOLLE system as this does allow you to add the extra pouches or mobile phone pouches onto the outside of the bag, should that be required.

Conclusion on Police Bags

Much like choosing your Police Boots, it ultimatley comes down to the needs of the bag and what you can afford.

Some bags are priced over £100 (e.g. 5.11 tactical bags) but I really don’t think you need to spend that sort of money to find a durable, professional, quality police kit bag.

The kit bags listed below do range in price quite a bit, but for policing and secuirty you only need to be spending between £30-£80 ish. Anything else probably isn’t worth the money.

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