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Mobile Phone Offers with O2 – 25% Discount for Police Community

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By downloading the list of O2 Police discount codes from us you can choose the one that identifies your force and land yourself 25% Discount online.

  • 25% Discount online with O2
  • Next Day delivery when ordered
  • Good Child friendly App available to manage devices
  • Family Airtime discount available
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O2 are a well respected mobile phone brand from UK that offers Police Officers 25% Discount. To obtain these benefits follow the below guide:

  • Purchase the Phone Online.
  • Download your Police Force Discount Code.
  • Open an O2 account.
  • Add the discount code for savings.

Claiming Your Police O2 Discount?

25% Discount for Police Famliy
25% Discount for Police Famliy
You can get up to 25% Discount on your Airtime Plan through Employee Perk. First you need to purchase a new phone from O2.
1You will be sent to the O2 website. This is where you can select the phone and contract you want. Purchase your phone online through O2 Website.
2Once you have purchased your phone with a normal contract, you then return to O2 Open and create an account.
3Once you have an account you will need to enter your Force Code. (Download List Here) You will also need a vaild Police email address or your recently payslip or national insurance number.
25% Discount for Police Famliy
25% Discount for Police Famliy
You can get up to 25% Discount on your Airtime Plan through Employee Perk. First you need to purchase a new phone from O2.

how to get o2 police discount

Are you looking for O2 Mobile Phone Deals?

Police Discount Offers bring you a selection of O2 mobile phone offers available for you and the family. O2 have provided many great deals of the years and continue with these offers below. They often provide discount, discount codes and vouchers so keep checking back on this O2 Mobile Phone Page for any updated deals!

The most recent addition to these offers is the 25% Discount which is available for Police Staff who order online. The discount is applied to your Airtime plan and depending on the contract you purchase you will be allowed up to 25% off. It’s explained in more detail below.

There are loads of other O2 Discounts available through their website. Another good deal that we discovered was their Family Airtime plan which allows your family up to 50% off with one simple bill for all your connections.

If you do sign up to the Family Plan with O2 it allows you access to Qustodio Premium, the award-winning parental control app. This simple App has been designed for parents to keep an eye on your child’s device and set rules for your child and get the best our of the device.

Looking for the iPhone 14 on O2 and Calculating Police Discount?

The latest and best iPhone is now available with Police Discount – iPhone 14. So let’s take a look at this iPhone and see how much you could save using the discount code. Remember that you receive 25% off the Airtime plan and not the whole monthly bill. You can apply this discount method to any of the phone plans.

iPhone 14 Deal with o2 Police Discount

Looking at the above iPhone deal we now calculate the 25% discount into the airtime plan. First you need to calculate the monthly Airtime plan. This is a simple process as it shoudl be listed on the page. If you look underneath the prices of this plan you can see the monthly airtime plan is £25.99.

Now that we know what the monthly Airtime plan is we can minus the 25% o2 Police Discount.

25% of the monthly £25.99 is £5.20. This then allows you to work out your monthly cost, which is £47.73 – £5.20 = £42.53 (Approx)

Total Monthly Cost for iPhone 14 with Police Discount

So for an NEW iPhone 14 with 30GB of Data from o2 with all the latest offers you will pay a total of £42.53 a month. Which is a great offer giving you loads of data, unlimited minutes and texts plus a whole bunch of o2 extras.

Looking for iPhone 14 on O2?

You can use the O2 Police Discount and pick up a great deal when you purchase the iPhone 14 from O2. They have various data bundle options available, which will suit most people needs. Often police officers and staff need plenty of data and O2 have the right deal for you. Delivery of the iPhone 14 is not a problem, you get FREE delivery when you order the phone online and usually arrives the next working day.

Also remember that you can get discount on your iPhone 14 as shown above in our example, just work out your monthly o2 cost with your police discount.


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Steve Jones

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