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The Thin Blue Line patch is to show your support to the Police Community and to those that have lost their lives in the line of duty. It is displayed all over the world in various countries sowing support to each countries Police Service.

There are two versions in the UK, of the patch. The first one is with a black background and a thin blue line running through it. The second is the Union Jack with the thin blue line running through it (Shown as main image).

Below I have listed some of the best deals and offers for the thin blue line patch to show your support to the police community. Most of these patches come with a velcro backing which means they can be attached to most items of police kit – Bags, pouches etc.

These prices are some of the best deals available from around the internet. If you know of any other deals let me know and I will add them to the list.

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Where did the origins of the thin blue line flag UK start?

The thin blue line has become a symbol of police pride and solidarity, but its origins are not as clear-cut as one might think. Some trace it back to the 1800s when London police officers wore a blue ribbon on their uniforms to signify their membership in the Metropolitan Police force.

Others point to the blue stripe down the leg of officers’ uniforms during the 1950s and 60s, or even to a novel called The Thin Blue Line written in 1955 about a detective trying to solve a murder case. However, it wasn’t until 1968 that the “Thin Blue Line” was actually used to refer to police officers, in an article discussing increasing public hostility towards law enforcement.

Since then, the phrase and associated symbol have continued to be used as a way for police officers to show support for their colleagues, both living and fallen. It represents their dedication to serving and protecting their communities, standing as a united front against crime and injustice.

UK Police Forces and Thin Blue Line Patches

In recent years, the Thin Blue Line patch has become a controversial symbol within police forces in the United Kingdom. The patch, originally meant to show solidarity and support for law enforcement officers, has increasingly been seen as a display of bias towards certain communities. In response, some police forces have made the decision not to allow officers to wear the patch while on duty.

This decision has met with mixed reactions from both within and outside of the police force. While some believe that wearing the patch could create distrust and divide within community groups, others argue that it is a symbol of pride and unity among officers.

Regardless of individual beliefs, its a matter of pride and we believe that officers have the right to wear this flag just as much as any other badge worn on the uniform.

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