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A simple and effective torch that clips onto your radio docking clip. Comes with a lifetime warranty!

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Light Up the Law: The Peli VB3 2220 - Every Officer's Shining Companion

The Peli VB3 2220 LED Torch is a beacon of reliability for police officers. Compact, durable, and equipped with bright LED technology, it's tailor-made for law enforcement's dynamic demands. Its clip-on feature and lightweight design make it an indispensable tool for night patrols and challenging scenarios, ensuring officers are never left in the dark

  • Bright Illumination: Effective in various lighting conditions.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Easy to carry and doesn’t add significant weight to gear.
  • Durable: Withstands regular use in challenging environments.
  • Battery Type: Uses coin batteries, which may not be as readily available as standard sizes.
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13th April 2024 6:36 am
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The Peli VB3 2220 LED Torch is a compact and reliable lighting solution designed for professional use, including police work. It stands out for its durability, brightness, and ease of use.

Key Product Features

  • Clip-On Design: Easily attachable to equipment, making it convenient for hands-free operation.
  • LED Lighting Technology: Ensures bright and efficient illumination.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Ideal for on-the-go use in various situations.

Technical Specifications

✓ Brand: Peli
✓ Color: Black
✓ Type: Torch
✓ Lighting Technology: LED
✓ Power Source: Battery (Coin Cell)
✓ Material: Plastic

Why this Peli torch for Police Officers?

The Peli VB3 2220 LED Torch stands out as an exemplary tool for police officers, thanks to its array of key features specifically tailored to meet the demanding needs of law enforcement activities. Firstly, the torch’s compact and lightweight design is a significant advantage. It allows officers to easily carry and use the light without it becoming a burden during long shifts or when quick, agile movement is required.

This feature is particularly beneficial for police officers who often have to carry a multitude of other equipment. Additionally, the LED lighting technology employed in the Peli VB3 2220 ensures a bright and clear light output, which is crucial for police work that often takes place in low-light conditions or during night-time operations. The LED bulbs are known for their long-lasting performance and reliability, which means less frequent replacements and consistent illumination when it’s most needed.

Peli VersaBrite 3 LED - Black

Furthermore, the durability of the Peli VB3 2220 LED Torch makes it an excellent choice for police officers. Designed to withstand rough handling and challenging environments, this torch is more than capable of enduring the rigors of police work. Whether it’s being used outdoors in adverse weather conditions or in the tough, everyday scenarios that officers face, the robust construction of the Peli VB3 2220 ensures it won’t let them down.

Another standout feature is the clip-on design, allowing the torch to be easily attached to gear, belts, or uniforms for hands-free operation. This functionality is incredibly useful during tasks that require both hands, such as navigating difficult terrain, conducting searches, or during emergency situations.

In essence, the combination of its durability, ease of use, and effective lighting makes the Peli VB3 2220 LED Torch a sensible and practical investment for any police officer looking for a reliable lighting solution

User Feedback

One user highlighted its brightness and ease of use but mentioned an issue with the switch mechanism, indicating the importance of checking functionality upon receipt.

Importance of Choosing the Right Torch

Selecting an appropriate torch is crucial, especially in police work. Key factors include brightness, battery life, durability, and ease of use. Officers should be aware of the torch’s compatibility with their gear, battery requirements, and any maintenance needs.


  1. Clulite PLR-500 Rechargeable Handheld Spotlight: Offers a longer beam range, suitable for outdoor searches.
  2. SILVERLINE LED Pen Light: A more compact option for inspection tasks.
  3. Energizer Metal Rechargeable Tactical Torch: Features multiple modes and rechargeable batteries.

In conclusion, the Peli VB3 2220 LED Torch is a solid choice for police officers who need a reliable, bright, and easy-to-use lighting solution. However, considering alternatives based on specific requirements and preferences is advisable.

This review should help in making an informed decision, but it’s always recommended to check the latest user reviews and product updates for the most current information​

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13th April 2024 6:36 am
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon.com (Amazon.in, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
1 new from £33.99

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