Discount on Blackstone’s Police Manuals 2020

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Get the latest offer on the Blackstones Manuals for 2020. Everything you need to know to pass your Promotion exam!

Where do Police get discount on Blackstone’s Manuals?

Blackstone’s Police Manuals, endorsed by the College of Policing, are the only official study guides for the NPPF Step Two Legal Examination (formerly OSPRE Part I).

Get the brand new 2020 Blackstones Manuals for less today! Save up to 20% when you buy online through Police Discount Offers.

If you are looking for promotion then you will need these Police Manuals to prepare yourself for the exam! So get great discount on these Blackstone’s manuals today!

Lots of online stores sell this collection of Blackstones Manuals, but we will continue to monitor prices and provide you with the best savings available.


Do Police get Discount on Blackstones Manuals for OSPRE exam?

A few years ago several Police Forces were allowing staff to purchase books through HR at discounted rates. Those days are sadly gone, so the next best option is ordering your manuals through Police Discount Offers.

If your Force still does offer exclusive police discount then give them a mention below to let others know where and how to get involved!

What else do I need to help with the OSPRE exam?

There are plenty of options availble to anyone looking to complete the OPSRE part 1. One of the better ideas is online questions database to prepare you for the exam. This can be found on the Blackstones website and there are several options (payment required).

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Discount on Blackstone’s Police Manuals 2020
Discount on Blackstone’s Police Manuals 2020
£45.00 £84.00

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