PEN STYLE Police Torch

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PEN STYLE Police Torch
PEN STYLE Police Torch
£7.99 £9.99

Great torch giving you hands free. 3 Modes. It has a Magnet Base to easily attach the torch to metal objects which will shine a light on those hard to reach spots!

Police Torch Pen with Magnet

This Police Torch is compact and very portable, which makes it idea for the police community. It is very bright with 250 Lumens of intense light with COB LED technology.

This Pen Police Torch has multiple settings:

  • Choose between High (250 lumens)
  • Low (95 lumens)
  • Emergency Red Flash Mode to light up roadside breakdowns.

The casing is made of anodised steel which provides impact protection and water resistant.

Magnet Base

This torch has a great feature, which is a powerful magnet on the of the torch. This allows it to stick to most metals and provide light in different situations allowing to to be “hands free”.


To power the torch all that is required is 3 x AAA batteries which come included with the torch.


This is a great little torch which is very bright, considering its size. With the magnet base it really does make it very useful in diffult to reach places. It also has a pen style clip on the side which also lets you clip it to body armour or belts, which again allows for hands free use.


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