Olight Warrior 3 S – Save on this Professional Police Torch

The latest (April 2022) powerful torch from Olight – The Warrior 3 S. It is an upgraded version of the Warrior 3 and has several new features that make this torch better in performance and design.

What’s new wit the Warrior 3 S?

First thing I noticed was the display module situated on this side of the torch. It is a 4 level indicator for the battery and the brightness. Once the torch is powered on you can easily identify what brightness you are using and also provides a rough guide on how much battery life remains.

This is great for the battery indicator, as there is no way of telling how much battery is left in previous versions until the torch starts getting dimmer. This new indicator is great, especially if you are at work and lets you know when to charge, so you never run our of battery.

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15% Discount using the code
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This Torch has a cool white LED paired with a TIR optic lens. This dual design is super powerful which means it delivers up to 2,300 lumens which is thrown up to 300 metres.

Enhanced Protection

The warrior 3 S has a great new feature to stop you blinding other people or getting shines off objects whilst using the torch. There is a built- in sensor which drops the brightness level when you get too near object/people while tuirned on high, turbo or strobe modes.

If the object gets too close then the torch will turn off the light completely. This is great as it prevents wastage of the battery and promotes longer battery life.

Dual Switches

Most Olight torches now come with dual switches and this one is no different. It has a tail switch for tactical operations (using thumb to switch) and also a side switch with 6 modes for daily use.

To operate the torch and different settings you just hold down the side button which cycles through the available options.

warrior 3 s dual switches at the rear of torch

Visulaised Indicators

As I described above the Warrior 3 S now has a small display indicators on the side of the torch. One is for the brightness level and the other informs you the status of the battery life.

The battery indcator will be the one you use most, as you can then charge when required especially when you’re at work as you don’t want to run out of battery down a dark alley!

visual indictor shown on side of warrior 3 s

Remote Switch Comaptible

Olight have also engineered remote switches for tactical use. This Warrior 3 S is compatible with their remote switch setup. This is generally for use with firearms for when you attach the torch to a specific object and not designed for your torch use.

The remote switch can be found on the Olight website and prices start from £25.


All olight torches are magnetic tail charging using the usb charging cable. The charging cable comes with a red/green light indicator to tell you when the charging is complete.

The battery is a 5000mAh battery and to fully charge the torch only takes about an hour.

Holster and Belt Attachment

The Warrior 3 S comes with a really good holster attachment. It is robust and professional looking, plu sit can easily be secured onto a police webbing belt using the rear popper strap.

The front of the holster has a plastic clip that securly holds the torch in place when not in use. This is ideal for those people wanting to secure the torch to a belt, bag, webbing or other equipment carrying rigs.

If you don’t want to use the holster you can always just place the torch into your pocket. The design is small enough to fit into most adult size pockets.

warrior 3 s with holster
15% Discount using the code
15% Discount using the code
Save 15% using our police community discount code.
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