Sentry Pro Touch Screen Wireless GSM Auto Dial House Alarm

Sentry-Pro Touch Screen Alarm
Get this House Security System today with big discount! It has a touch screen device, making it easy to use and a solar power siren - So no batteries needed!

In need of a Home security system? Well the Sentry Pro Alarm uses the most up to date design which provides great functions and features within the product.

As an example, this particular model allows individuals to enter pre set times for arming the system. This means that you don’t have to press any buttons, use a fob or enter codes on the command panel! You just set the times for arming and disarming and your set. This feature can be a bonus for people who are away from their property on a regular basis.

Another feature which this system boasts is its text messaging service. You can again remotely set the alarm from your smartphone or even check the alarm to see if there have been activiations or errors. Plus if you leave the house in a hurry, then one simple text message and your house is protected!

It comes with numerous PIR alarms and you can configure each sensor. This allows you set certain alarms and break down your house into sections to be armed or disarmed. For example you could just set all the alarms downstairs, allowing people to move freely around upstairs without setting off the alarm.

The only part that may be of concern is the Solar panel alarm. If you place the panel where it receives limited sunlight then you might find that the alarm won’t function as it should. You should know where to place the alarm and which area of your house has the best sunlight exposure.

Please have a look at the reviews as often you can find some extra information about the alarms that may not be mentioned.

Reviews from Amazon

Everything is relatively easy to setup, with the exception of the siren that was ringing every time I tried to open it up to start it. Eventually put a towel over it, turned it and closed the cap, which allowed disarming and stopping it from ringing. Even though I set it up in a place where it gets direct sunlight for almost all day, all year round it gets quickly discharged not even lasting a day, so I’d suggest getting the variant with a cord.



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