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Shark Bagless Cylinder Pet Vacuum - Was £249.99 Now Only £119.99 - Save £130!

Expires 27/12/2022

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There is no specific police discount with Shark. However you can save on the deals listed above which have been sent to use to maximise savings online! These deals are better than a discount code!

Shark Clean Review: Best Deals on Vacuum Cleaners

Do you need a new vacuum cleaner or air purifier? There are dozens of brands out there, but Shark Clean sets itself apart.

The popular brand is mostly known for its reliable vacuum cleaners. The range includes traditional, corded models as well as cordless variants. A more recent addition is the range of air purifiers designed to improve the air quality in your home.

Wondering why you should buy from Shark and what special offers you can get? Read our Shark Clean review to find it out.

Shark Clean Product Range

Vacuum Cleaners

Specialising in vacuum cleaners and other small cleaning appliances, Shark offers a wide range of products designed with specific purposes in mind.

The standard line includes a range of cylinder vacuum cleaners, most of which are bagless. Different suction power and cleaning technologies make it easy to find a model suitable for carpets, hard floors, furniture, or households with pets.

Cordless vacuum cleaners address those who want a compact unit for quick daily use. They are as powerful as the corded units, although you won’t enjoy unlimited runtime. You will enjoy unlimited freedom of movement, though – an excellent choice for cleaning your home but also your vehicle or garage.

A convenient Product Selector makes it easy to find the right vacuum cleaner for you if you’re not sure which model to buy.

Air Purifiers

Vacuum cleaners aside, Shark also manufactures a range of air purifiers. Whether you have a small child or suffer from allergies, these machines can help you get rid of allergens, dust, and airborne microorganisms.

Currently, Shark Clean only offers two air purifier models with four or six fans. Both feature the Clean Sense IQ function that allows the appliance to sense the changes in air quality and adjust operation to remove all contaminants.

In addition to removing pollutants and contaminants, these air purifiers also help trap and neutralise odours.

Hair Dryers

Recently, Shark Clean expanded its product range into the beauty sector and launched its first hair dryer. Innovation and technologies make this hair dryer different from other options. For instance, it recommends the best heat and airflow setting based on your hair type; it helps to style your hair and more.

Shark Clean Deals

Shark Clean isn’t the most expensive brand, but you can save even more with the Shark Clean deals.

The current offers allow you to save up to £150 on their range of vacuum cleaners and other cleaning appliances. The brand’s iconic steam mop is also discounted, alongside the hair dryer and the 6-fan air purifier.

In addition to discounts, Shark Clean also offers free delivery across the UK mainland every day, including weekends.


Whether you need a new vacuum cleaner, air purifier, or a hair dryer, Shark Clean is a solid option. Multiple offers can help you save whilst purchasing a quality appliance. Browse their range right now to find the best vacuum cleaners at a discount, and don’t forget to subscribe to their newsletter to get the best deals directly into your inbox.


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Shark Classic Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Vacuum - Was £349.99 Now Only £249.99 - save £100!

Expired 02/08/2022

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Vacuum - Was £399.99 now only £299.99 - save £100!

Expired 02/08/2022

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