POLICE ACADEMY BLU RAY- The Complete Collection

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Get the funny boxset POLICE ACADEMY on Blu Ray today!

Awesome DVD for Police Rest days

Having a large collection of DVD and BLU RAY’s at home, why is it you can never find something to watch!?

So I went online looking to expand the collection, against the wife’s wishes. When I came across this beauty! All the Police Academy films in one complete set! Do you remember this? Have you seen them all?

The initial (1 and 2) films were excellent (my own opinion!) and are still aired on the various TV channels from time to time. However I have become wise to this, as normally what happens is, I buy the film recalling how amazing it was to find out, how shit it actually is!

As a result I haven’t bought this collection and maybe I never will. I am sure though someone out there in the big bad world will want this crazy collection of films.

Purchase at your own peril…….

What is the best Police TV Show you have watched?

With so many to chose from these days, on so many different apps and players, what is the best TV show you have seen? IN THE LINE OF DUTY is a recent one I watched which was ok, lots of people hyed about it, but it was one of the shows that I wasn’t rushing home from night shift to watch!

A great show I really enjoyed from over the Pond was THE SHEILD. It was total fiction, but great fiction! All action and on the odd ocassion they would interview someone and then shoot them afterwards! If you don’t believe me, check out all the reviews on Amazon.  I even bought the boxset for binge DVD  watching on a rest day when the kids are all in school!

Have you watched any TV shows recently? Drop a comment in the box below and lets us know and the Police Discount Community your favourite shows at the the moment.

POLICE ACADEMY BLU RAY- The Complete Collection
POLICE ACADEMY BLU RAY- The Complete Collection

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