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ULTIMATE 6.0 WP Magnum Boots
Great waterproof boots by Magnum. Use the code Magnum Discount code to SAVE 25% on the price shown.
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The Ultimate WP 6.0 Magnum Boots

The latest offering from Magnum Boots are these Ultimate 6.0 WP. They are waterproof, leightweight and comfortable to wear. All sizes available, but only in the colour black. If you want a smaller boot but still with all the protection the larger boots provide then this is it.

  • Upper is 100% Recycled Fabric.
  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof + Breathable
  • Police Discount code available
  • Only ankle length
  • Only available in Black Colour
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ULTIMA 6.0 WP Boots from Magnum Boots

Are you a police officer, PCSO or security officer looking for a boot that offers comfort and support while on the job? Look no further than ULTIMA 6.0 WP – 100% Recycled Fabric Upper + Vegan Friendly boots. Made from 2.97 recycled 380 ml plastic bottles, these boots are waterproof and breathable, lightweight and durable, and feature PU heat welded uppers to reduce weight and offer supreme support and 24 hour comfort. Let’s take a look at what makes ULTIMA 6.0 WP boots so special.

Police Discount on ULTIMA 6.0 WP Boots

These boots are available for the police community right now and come with discount. If you purchase these today and use our discount code you can get a 25% reduction on the price at the checkout.

You need to use the code MAGNUM25 to get the discount when purchasing these boots. If these boots aren’t your favourite choice, the code also works on any other boot from the Magnum Boots website.

PU Heat Welded Uppers

ULTIMA 6.0 WP boots come with PU heat welded uppers construction that reduces weight while providing supreme support. This type of upper construction also ensures 24-hour comfort no matter how long your shift is or how much activity you’re doing during it.

The heat sealed seams also make the boots more flexible to move with your feet as you go about your daily activities, making them perfect for police officers who need extra agility in their footwear choice.

Hi-Poly PU Anti-Bacterial Footbeds

The Hi-Poly PU anti-bacterial footbeds provide 24 hour comfort and anti-fatigue benefits for those wearing these shoes all day long. This is especially important for those working in law enforcement because they will often be on their feet the whole day without breaks. These boots can provide superior arch support and cushioning to keep them comfortable throughout the shift. The Hi-Poly PU footbeds also help protect against bacteria build up so that your feet stay clean even after long shifts in potentially dirty environments.

Lightweight & Durable Outsole with the Ultimate 6.0 WP Boots

The lightweight but durable outsole of ULTIMA 6.0 WP boots provides superior stability on any surface, making them ideal for police officers who may encounter uneven or slippery terrain while on their shift. The outsole is made from blown EVA midsole which gives superior arch support for added comfort. This material also provides extra durability, so your boots last longer than other brands of footwear might do when exposed to tough work conditions.

Conclusion on Magnum ULTIMA 6.0 WP Boots

In conclusion, ULTIMA 6.0 WP – 100% Recycled Fabric Upper + Vegan Friendly Boots are an excellent choice for police officers looking for reliable yet lightweight footwear that offers superior arch support and cushioning.

They are water resistant to keep your feet dry all day long no matter what kind of terrain you encounter on your shift. So whether it’s wet or dry surfaces outside or inside buildings or vehicles where moisture can easily accumulate your feet will be protected.

These comfortable and supportive footwear (from Magnum Boots) are perfect for anyone working in law enforcement seeking ultimate comfort and top quality protection from water and bacteria exposure throughout their workday!


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