British Police Whistle

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Authentic Police Whistle

Only £8.00

Did you get issued one of these back in the day? You may have even used it on occasion to call for backup?

Well if you’ve not got the whistle anymore and want a new one, you can now buy a replacement!

This is the ACME Police Whistle which was created by Joseph Hudson, Engineer. The shape and design hasn’t got any moving parts but does allow air to be blown fast through it, creating the loud noise.

This piece of equipment was adopted by the Metropolitan Police in the 1880’s and was used for years as a means of communication due to the sound being heard from over 1 mile away!

This whistle is manufactured to the original design and has a great finish which is sliver plated.

So if you want to relive the “good old days” get yourself one and blow it a few times late at night in your garden. You may even get the police turning up?

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