British Bobby Teddy Bear

Introducing the remarkable British Bobby Teddy Bear, proudly presented by Police Discount Offers! This extraordinary teddy is donning his iconic NATO blue jumper, reminiscent of the old-school police uniforms, complete with embroidered epaulettes for an added touch of authenticity. What sets this teddy apart is that all his clothing is fully removable, allowing him to unwind and change into his cozy pyjamas after a hard day’s work.

But that’s not all – this teddy bear goes above and beyond in embodying the spirit of a true police officer. With his very own Duty Beat Helmet and warrant card, he exudes an unmistakable air of authority, making him the epitome of an authentic police teddy bear. The attention to detail is impeccable, from the meticulously handcrafted features including his expressive brown eyes, to the carefully stitched black nose and mouth, and the soft beige felt paw pads.

Created by The Great British Teddy Bear Company, this exceptional collectible comes accompanied by a protective dust bag and a stylish box, ensuring that this British Bobby Teddy Bear will be cherished for years to come. Whether you’re a police enthusiast or a lover of teddy bears, this unique creation is a must-have addition to any collection.

The Great British Teddy Bear Company Police Bobby Soft Plush Toy Collectable

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as of 9th April 2024 6:48 pm

Awesome teddy bear for a police officer gift. Hurry while stocks last.

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Steve Jones

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