Discounts and offers at Currys – Discount Codes 2023

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Expires 23/04/2024

Save 15% when you pre-order TopSpin 2K25

Expires 25/04/2024


Save 20% when you pre-order Sand Land

Expires 25/04/2024


Save £150 using code ZFLIP5150

Expires 30/04/2024


Get 20% off on selected accessories when you buy selected laptop.

Expires 30/04/2024


Save £50 on LG SQC1 Soundbar when bought with any LG TV

Expires 30/04/2024


Save £150 using code ZOLD5150

Expires 30/04/2024


Save £55 on McAfee Privacy & Identity Guard when bought with selected products

Expires 30/04/2024


Get this soundbar free when bought with selected Samsung Terrace TVs. Use code FREELST at checkout.

Expires 30/04/2024


10% off selected Hisense TV's

Expires 30/04/2024


10% off selected LG TVs

Expires 12/05/2024


Claim 30 free coffee pods, a free Travel Mug & £30 off coffee when you buy Vertuo machines

Expires 28/05/2024

Save 10% off on selected bags when you buy any laptop.

Expires 28/05/2024


20% off Ninja cookware WBW any large cooking appliance

Expires 30/05/2024


20% off Ninja cookware when bought with any large cooking appliance

Expires 30/05/2024


30% off on selected SanDisk Extreme memory cards when bought with selected products

Expires 06/06/2024


Free Delivery available on all Ink and Toners

Expires 25/06/2024

Save 30% on selected Samsung Watch straps when bought with this watch

Expires 30/06/2024


Save 10% on two Tonies Figures

Expires 03/07/2024


Get the Toniebox starter set plus 2 Tonies audio figures for just £99.99

Expires 08/07/2024


£15 off Large Kitchen Appliances over £299. Enter code LKA15 at checkout

Expires 08/11/2024


Free next day delivery on gaming products over £40

Expires 01/12/2024


Free next day delivery on Shark floorcare and hair care.

Expires 01/12/2024


Get a free Ring Indoor Cam (2nd Gen) When bought with the Ring 5 piece security kit

Expires 31/12/2024


Save £15 when you spend £349 on Large Kitchen Appliances

Expires 16/06/2025


5% off Large Kitchen Appliances over £399

Expires 01/09/2026


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Police Discounts and deals at Currys

All the latest offers and discount codes for Currys. Get some great deals through Police Discount Offers on hundreds of products, including TV’s, Kitchen Appliances, Gaming Consoles and much much more.

We have a great system that provides you with the best and most up to date discount codes from Currys for the Police Community. These codes are constantly changing and so it’s worth checking back regularly to get the best savings!

Police Discount Offers continue to offer some of the best discount codes and deals available from Currys Online to support our Police Community in saving money throughout the year!

Can the Police Community get Discount at Currys?

We often get asked if Police get discount at Currys. Well the simple answer is no – at the moment there are no specific in-store deals for cops and their families. However we are in constant email with them and we have got some great Online deals with vouchers to save money.

So not only can you shop from the comfort of your own home, Police Discount Offers can provide you with some of the best vouchers and promotions that Currys has to offer.

Therefore don’t expect to attend your local Currys flashing your warrant card or ID for discounts, as all these offers are online codes only.

Currys Price Promise

We all love to shop around to get the best price, so do you know if you’re getting a deal when you buy from Currys? Well you don’t have to stress about it to much as Currys promise to match or beat prices you’d pay at the following store

Their price promise is available up to 7 days after you’ve bought your item.

Where is your local Store?

Currys has hundreds of stores all over the UK and each store has its own bargain section, so although we can provide online deals, you can also get bargains in-store.

The easiest way to find a store near you is visit there website and use the dedicated store finder page to highlighting all local store.

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Police Discount Offers

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20% on selected WPRO Accessories when bought with large kitchen appliances

Expired 09/04/2024


Get 15% off Razer Gaming Mice when bought with Razer Hunstman V2 Keyabord.

Expired 09/04/2024


Steve Jones

Steve Jones

My name is Steve Jones and I set up this website in 2012. I am an Ex-Police Officer with over 17 years experience in various departments, posted to some of the roughest places in UK. I initially set up the website during a time of big change in the Police Service. Police Pension, Pay and conditions had been compromised. I really wanted the wider Police Community to save money and I found that I could use this website to find deals relevant for the Police, for example, Police Boots and equipment. Since then the Website has continued to grow and I hope that the Police Family continue to save money from these exclusive deals and promotions. Free free to contact me via email, or take a look at my Linkdin profile.

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