The 2024 Guide to Police Kit Bags


A police kit bag is an essential piece of equipment for law enforcement officers. It’s not just a bag; it’s a mobile storage solution for the tools and equipment officers need to perform their duties effectively. This December 2023 guide will look at five specific police kit bags, highlighting their features, pros, and cons, to help officers make an informed decision.

What to Look for in a Police Kit Bag?

When choosing a police kit bag, consider durability, capacity, comfort, security features, and weather resistance. These factors ensure that the bag not only serves its purpose but also withstands the rigors of police work.


Choosing a police kit bag that is durable is essential. The bag should be made from high-quality, resilient materials like heavy-duty nylon or reinforced polyester to withstand the rigors of daily police work. It should also feature strong stitching and robust zippers to ensure longevity.

Size and Capacity

The size and capacity of the bag must align with the officer’s needs. It should be spacious enough to store all necessary equipment, including specialized gear, without being overly cumbersome or hindering movement.

Compartments and Organization

A well-designed police kit bag will have multiple compartments and pockets. This helps in keeping equipment organized and easily accessible, which is crucial in emergency situations. Look for bags with dedicated spaces for common police tools and personal items.

Comfort and Portability

Since police kit bags are often carried for extended periods, comfort is a priority. Features like padded straps, adjustable harnesses, and an ergonomic design can significantly reduce strain. For heavier loads, consider bags with wheels or additional support features.

Weather Resistance

Given the varied environments police officers work in, the bag should be weather-resistant or waterproof. This ensures that all equipment stays dry and protected, regardless of outdoor conditions.

5 Recommended Police Kit Bags

1. Mil-Tec Cargo Backpack Bag

  • Price: See above.
  • Description: A versatile backpack suitable for various policing needs, with ample storage and multiple compartments.
  • Pros: Affordable, durable construction, and ergonomic design.
  • Cons: Limited specialized compartments for police-specific equipment.
  • Best for: Officers needing a general-purpose, cost-effective bag.

The Mil-Tec Cargo Backpack Bag, priced at £43.90, is a versatile and practical choice for police officers. It offers the flexibility of being carried as a rucksack or a bag, catering to different needs and situations. The backpack boasts ample storage space with a large main compartment and eight outer pouches, ideal for organizing and accessing patrol essentials like police torches or police clothing. It is also designed with durability in mind, featuring reinforced shoulder straps and a water-resistant exterior. This makes it suitable for various weather conditions and environments, ensuring the safety and security of the equipment carried.

2. Policing Rucksack with USB Charging Access

  • Price: See above.
  • Description: A modern rucksack designed for the tech-savvy officer, featuring a USB charging port.
  • Pros: Convenient for charging devices on the go, multiple compartments.
  • Cons: Potentially less durable than more rugged designs.
  • Best for: Officers who frequently use tech gadgets in the field.

The Policing Rucksack with USB charging access is a practical and efficient choice for police officers. It’s praised for being spacious, water-resistant, and lightweight. This backpack also includes a Velcro section for a Thin Blue Line patch. However, it’s only available in black, which might limit style options. Its 35-liter capacity, water-resistant and scratch-proof material, and breathable design make it suitable for various outdoor activities and policing needs. The backpack also offers USB ports for device charging and has a large Velcro patch for displaying support to the policing community.

3. Mardingtop Policing Backpack

  • Price: See above.
  • Description: A tactical backpack offering a balance of capacity and functionality, suitable for various policing tasks.
  • Pros: Good storage capacity, comfortable to carry.
  • Cons: May be too bulky for some officers.
  • Best for: Patrol officers who carry a moderate amount of equipment.

The Mardingtop Military Tactical Backpack, priced at £45.99, is a robust and versatile choice for police officers. It features a large main compartment and multiple zippered pockets for organized storage, and is constructed from durable 600D polyester. This backpack includes Molle connectors and a D-hook on the shoulder strap, enhancing its functionality. The high-quality YKK buckles and smooth zippers ensure secure closure. Its comfortable design, with padded shoulder straps and a waist belt, makes it suitable for carrying heavy loads. However, it may not meet the needs of specialist police departments due to its size. This backpack is an excellent choice for officers requiring a reliable and professional-looking bag.

4. SAMDEW Police Patrol Bag

  • Price: See above.
  • Description: A patrol bag designed for organization and easy access, ideal for day-to-day patrol duties.
  • Pros: Organized compartments, durable construction.
  • Cons: Higher price point.
  • Best for: Daily patrol officers needing organized storage.

The SAMDEW Police Patrol Bag, currently priced at £65.99, is a comprehensive solution for police officers requiring organized and accessible storage for their patrol kit. It features a spacious main compartment with inner detachable dividers, making it versatile for different storage needs. The bag also includes a laptop storage layer, multiple pockets, and a U-shaped double zipper opener. It’s made from durable, high-density 600D polyester material and has a non-slip padded shoulder strap for comfortable carrying. Additionally, the bag offers anti-skid pads and a breathable mesh design on the back for added comfort during extended use.

5. Multi-Functional Tactical Police Laptop and Shoulder Bag

  • Price: See above.
  • Description: A versatile bag designed for officers who need to carry a laptop along with other essential gear.
  • Pros: Multi-functional, includes a laptop compartment.
  • Cons: Less space for non-tech equipment.
  • Best for: Officers who need to carry technology as well as standard gear.


Choosing the right police kit bag depends on the individual needs of the officer. From high-tech solutions like the Policing Rucksack with USB Charging to more traditional options like the Mil-Tec Cargo Backpack Bag, there is a bag for every type of officer. Consider your specific needs, the nature of your duties, and the equipment you carry to select the best police kit bag for you.

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