Guide to Women’s Police Boots

When it comes to choosing the right police boots, there are a few things you need to take into account. First and foremost amongst these is the fact that women’s police boots are different from men’s police boots.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the different styles of women’s police boots that are available so that you can make an informed decisions about which ones are right for you.

What styles of Boots are available to Police women?

Police Womens Ankle Boots

One of the most popular styles of women’s police boots is the ankle boot. Ankle boots offer a good mix of support and flexibility, and they’re also relatively easy to put on and take off. That said, they don’t offer as much protection as some of the other styles of women’s police boots on this list.

Police Womens Police Mid-Calf Boots

If you’re looking for a bit more support and protection than what ankle boots can provide, then mid-calf boots might be more up your alley. These boots come up to just below the knee, providing more coverage than ankle boots while still maintaining a good degree of flexibility.

Should Women choose Size zip or Laces?

When it comes to women police boots, every second counts. That’s why side zip style boots are the clear choice for law enforcement professionals. Unlike traditional lace up boots, they can be easily slipped on and off in a matter of seconds. This advantage is crucial in emergency situations where speed is essential.

Side zip boots also offer a snug fit to women, with no laces to come undone or get caught on objects. And with their sleek design, side zip boots provide a modern and professional look for any uniform. When it comes to fast, functional and fashionable footwear, side zip police boots are the obvious choice for any women in the police service.

Can you get lightweight police boots for women?

There are many options available for women police officers looking for lightweight options. However, you do have to consider what is lightweight, as boots can vary in quite sinificantly in weight. An average police women boot weighs between 0.5kg – 0.7kg, which is less than a bag of sugar.

Make sure you check the weight of the boots before purchase, we would suggest a boot that weighs around 0.5-0.6kg. This shoud be light enough without compromising any protection the boots provides.

One last thing to remember when looking for a lightweight police boot for women is make sure you don’t buy a steel toe cap. This will significantly increase the weight of any boots.

Make sure the Boots you choose are Waterproof

When serving and protecting on the front lines, having a reliable pair of police boots is key. One important feature you should always consider is waterproofing. Nobody wants to be caught in a rainstorm or trudging through puddles with soggy, uncomfortable feet. By opting for waterproof materials like leather or rubber, officers can confidently face any weather conditions without worry.

Additionally, waterproof boots are also easier to clean and maintain. Whether it’s spilled coffee or an unexpected puddle, a quick wipe down will keep these boots looking sharp for years to come. Overall, waterproofing your womens police boots offer both comfort, functionality and ultimately longjevity of the boots!


5 of the BEST Womens Police Boots

Below is a list of some of the best lightweight boots for police women at affordable prices. We have lots of boots available on our website, these are just a selection of some of the boots that women may find more suitable to wear during their shifts.

Women’s UA Micro G® Valsetz Mid Tactical Boots

The Women’s UA Micro G® Valsetz Mid Tactical Boots are the perfect combination of comfort and durability. The lightweight, synthetic upper fits to your foot for a seamless, secure fit. The rubber sole provides reliable traction on any surface, while the mid-high design offers support and protection for tough terrain.

From hiking trails to combat missions, these under armour police boots have got you covered. And when it’s time to relax, the Micro G® foam cushions every step for all-day comfort. The Women’s UA Micro G® Valsetz Mid Tactical Boots are a must-have for any adventurous woman in the police.


These offers a sturdy and dependable design, all while harnessing the power of vegan materials. The rugged, grippy sole provides traction on rough terrain, while the ergonomic insole supports and cushions the foot to minimize fatigue during long shifts.

The water-resistant upper helps keep feet dry, and the padded tongue and collar provide extra comfort and protection. These boots only weight 0.4kg which means they will feel very light indeed!

With a vegan construction, this boot offers peace of mind for users with ethical considerations. Whether on patrol or just braving the elements, the ASSAULT TACTICAL 5.0 URBAN PATROL BOOT is a practical and ethical choice for women in the police.

Plus an added extra to these boots is that you can get 25% Discount using our Magnum Police Boots discount code.



If you are looking for protection over speed and comfort then Altberg police boots maybe the choice of footwear for you. Their altberg BLUELINE POLICE BOOT is the perfect choice for anyone in law enforcement.

These boots are made from high quality leather and feature a supportive sole, ensuring comfort and stability on any terrain. The design also includes reinforced toe protection and a padded ankle collar for added injury prevention.

Additionally, the boot’s unique tread pattern allows for exceptional gripping capabilities, making it easy to chase suspects or navigate rough terrain without slipping.

With all of these features, the altberg BLUELINE POLICE BOOT is an excellent choice for protecting your feet and keeping you free from harm whilst on patrol.

altberg blueline boots for women


The Magnum Elite Spider X 5.0 uniform boot boasts a durable leather and nylon upper, along with a puncture-resistant midsole to protect against sharp objects. Its comfortable EVA insole provides lasting support, while the slip-resistant rubber outsole ensures traction on various surfaces.

The boot also features an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial lining to reduce odor and allow for easy cleaning. Whilst these boots may not be the lightest of boots, they certainly provide good protection keeping your feet away from harm.

With all of these features, wearing the Magnum Elite Spider X 5.0 uniform boot can keep your feet protected and comfortable throughout long shifts. Again Magnum offer our members a 25% discount when you use the Magnum Police Discount at the checkout.

magnum elite spider boots for women

Women Military Boots Lace up – Unknown Brand

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option for your uniform footwear, look no further than the classic budget police boot. These high-quality boots feature a durable half leather exterior, reinforced heel, and a non-slip sole to keep you steady on even the most treacherous terrain.

Plus, with a price tag under £23, they won’t break the bank. The sleek black design is suitable for any police uniform, and their timeless style ensures they’ll hold up for quite some time

These may not be the best quality but if your on a budget they will certainly do for now. So why spend more on fancy bells and whistles when the cheapest pair of women’s police boots has all the essentials you need?

Conclusion on what Police Boots are Best for women?

When it comes to choosing the right women’s police boots, there are a few things you need to take into account. In this blog post, we’ve taken a look at the different styles of women’s police boots that are available so that you can make an informed decision about which ones are right for you.

Plus provided you with a short selection of some of the best boots available for women in the police force. Hopefully, this has given you a better idea of which style of boot will best suit your needs.

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