24 hours in police custody – Where can you watch it for FREE?

Where You Can Watch 24 Hours in Police Custody?

For those intrigued by the intricacies of law enforcement and criminal investigations, “24 Hours in Police Custody” is accessible on various platforms. It’s broadcast on traditional TV channels and available on several online streaming services. These platforms offer easy access to this compelling series, whether you’re at home or on the go. To catch the latest episodes or binge-watch previous seasons, viewers can turn to services like Channel 4’s streaming platform, All 4, and other popular online streaming sites. Availability may vary by region, so it’s worth checking your local listings or streaming service options.

Viewing Options for 24 Hours in Police Custody: Free with Ads or Ad-Free Subscription

“24 Hours in Police Custody” is readily accessible for free on Channel 4, providing viewers with an easy and cost-effective way to watch this engaging series. However, it’s important to note that this free version includes commercial breaks. For those who prefer an uninterrupted viewing experience, Channel 4 offers a subscription service where you can enjoy the show without the intrusion of adverts.

Subscribing to Channel 4 not only eliminates commercials but also provides a more seamless and immersive viewing experience, allowing you to delve into the intense world of police custody without any breaks.

How Much Is It to Watch 24 Hours in Police Custody?

Viewing “24 Hours in Police Custody” can vary in cost depending on your chosen platform. For subscribers of specific streaming services, this series may be included in your standard subscription package. However, for those who prefer pay-per-view options, the series might be available for rental or purchase at a per-episode or per-season rate. It’s advisable to check the pricing on your preferred platform for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

List of Series and Episodes

“24 Hours in Police Custody” has several gripping series, each featuring multiple episodes that cover a wide array of cases. Below is a detailed list of these series and episodes:

Series 1

  1. “The Conspiracy to Murder”
  2. “Love Hurts”
  3. “The Confession of a Paedophile”
  4. “Drug Drop”
  5. “The Morning After”
  6. “Honour Thy Father”
  7. “The Crime of the Century”​​

Series 2

  1. “A Crime of Passion”
  2. “A Short, Sharp Shock”
  3. “Human Traffic”
  4. “Punchdrunk Love”
  5. “Age Concern”
  6. “Frequent Flyers”​​

Series 3

  1. “Bad Blood”
  2. “Guilty Little Secrets”
  3. “Partners in Crime”
  4. “Mother’s Pride”
  5. “A Sixth Sense”​​

Series 4

  1. “Human Cargo”
  2. “To Catch a Paedophile”
  3. “Love Thy Neighbour”
  4. “One Punch”
  5. “The Black Balaclava”
  6. “Home Truths”
  7. “Lethal Weapon”
  8. “In Plain Sight”
  9. “A Complaint of Rape”​​

Series 5

  1. “A Moment of Madness”
  2. “Their Time Will Come”
  3. “Invisible Chains”
  4. “Code of Silence”
  5. “The Golden Bracelet”​​

Series 6

  1. “Sex and Corruption”
  2. “Car Attack”
  3. “Left for Dead”
  4. “Shallow Grave”
  5. “Frequent Flyers”
  6. “Too Close for Comfort”​​

Series 7

  1. “Body in the Grass”
  2. “The Kane Line”
  3. “A Knife Through the Heart”
  4. “A Second Chance”
  5. “Fifty Shades of Abuse”
  6. “What Lies Beneath”
  7. “Lost in Translation”
  8. “Living Among Us”​​

Series 8

  1. “Predators”
  2. “Family Secrets”
  3. “Knifed”
  4. “Smuggled”
  5. “The Detective and the Surgeon”
  6. “Sudden Death: Think Murder”​​

Series 9

  1. “Wanted”
  2. “Chicken Shop Wars”
  3. “The Horror House – Part One”
  4. “The Horror House – Part Two”
  5. “Murder on the Doorstep”
  6. “Holding the Baby”​​

This comprehensive list offers insight into the diverse and complex cases handled by UK police forces. From high-stakes investigations to emotional human stories, each episode brings a unique perspective on law enforcement and justice.

Understanding Police Custody

Police custody refers to the situation where an individual is held by the police after being arrested, pending further investigation or legal proceedings. This period of detention is crucial in the criminal justice process. It begins from the moment of arrest and is governed by strict legal regulations to ensure the rights and welfare of the detainee are protected.

During custody, the police have the authority to question the suspect, gather evidence, and conduct necessary procedures like taking fingerprints or DNA samples.

The length of time a person can be held in custody is legally limited, typically to a maximum of 24 hours, although extensions can be granted in serious cases. This phase is integral for establishing the foundation of any criminal case, balancing investigative needs with the rights of the individual.

Do we recommend this series?

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