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At LivingSocial, they offer new, handpicked local deals and experiences to millions of our UK subscribers every day. From the top local spas and restaurants, to once in a lifetime experiences, LivingSocial is one of the fastest growing online companies in the world.

LivingSocial is at the forefront of social commerce. Through their current verticals (Daily Deals, Escapes and National products deals) they offer surprise and delight to every calendar. This is the company that launched the Me+3 concept (if you buy a deal, share it, and three of your friends buy the same deal, then yours is free!), which incentivises all their members to spread a deal virally across social media.living-social-police-discount-electronics

With users at the forefront of thinking, they have a dedicated UK customer service team, a separate and committed merchant services team, and a digital marketing team focused on providing the communication and tools needed to make your LivingSocial affiliate programme successful.

With hundreds of offers, this is a great platform to buy all your products from one handy website. So why not take a look and save up to 50% on electronics today.

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