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This fun Police woman costume lets you dress up like a female officer when you're off duty! If you wear this, you will definately stand out at any party. It is adjustable and should fit most shapes and sizes.

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Be the most amazing person at your next party with our police woman costume!

This costume is perfect for anyone who wants to look good and feel even better. It’s made with a deep V-neck, short sleeves, and a stretchy and smooth material. You’ll love the patent leather waist belt with adjustable holes, plastic handcuffs, and spontoon.

You won’t find a better looking or feeling police woman costume than this one. The hat, belt, handcuffs, and spontoon are all included so you can start enjoying your new look right away. Get ready to turn heads at your next party!

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Will this Police Woman Costume fit you?

Looking for something unique and attention-grabbing? This sexy Policewoman Cosplay Uniform Set is perfect for you! With its handsome design, this costume will make you more attractive and impressive at your next party. So Whether you’re dressing up for Halloween, roleplaying in the bedroom, or just looking to spice up your nightlife, this Policewoman Costume Set is sure to please.

STAND OUT AT THE PARTY – This costume is sure to turn heads! Eye-catching colours and a sexy deep V-neck will make you stand out from the crowd.

COMPLETE COSTUME SET – This set comes with everything you need to look like a real policewoman! The hat, belt, handcuffs and spontoon are all included, so you can start impressing your friends right away.

ADJUSTABLE WAIST BELT – The waist belt has adjustable holes, so it will fit everyone perfectly. No need to worry about sizing with this police woman costume!

 PLASTIC HANDCUFFS – The handcuffs are made from plastic for a realistic look. They’re perfect for completing your costume and adding that extra bit of spice!

items found in the police woman costume set

FAQ’S for Police Woman Costumes?

How to make a police woman costume?

Want to make your own? You’ll need – Black trousers, Black cap with a peak,  short-sleeved shirt in black which has a Black tie,  any old black belt, plastic handcuffs, Aviator sunglasses (or any other type will do!), Silver card, Pencil, Scissors and Glue. Step 1 – Draw two police badge-style shields on the card. Make sure they are about 2 inches in height and then cut them out. Step 2 – Glue one badge to the front of your cap and leave it to dry. Glue the second badge onto the left pocket of your shift of your shirt, leave it to dry for few hours. Step 3 – Dress in your trousers, shirt, belt and black boots. Put your hat on and attach the handcuffs to your belt. Place the toy gun in your pocket and wear your aviator sunglasses.

How to make a homemade police woman costume?

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Although the police woman costume is a popular choice for women every year, it’s important to think about whether or not you would feel comfortable wearing it in public. The costume can be seen as offensive and inappropriate, particularly if you are dressing up as an officer of the law.

If you do choose to wear the police woman costume this year, make sure that you are aware of how your actions might be interpreted by others.

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