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Ticket Board introduces its new Nite Redi Illuminated Storage Box. Nurses, Doctors, Physiotherapists.Anyone taking part in ward rounds. The Nite Redi can even replace the traditional clipboard at the end of the patients bed.


Do you stop and take details of people during your night shift? Find yourself resting on various objects to write tickets/statements? Well this could be your answer! It is a clipboard with a light attached, giving you light onto the details you are recording! The clipboard has a storage box underneath which you can store all statement forms, tickets and other documentation.

It is made from ultra smooth, very durable polyproylene. It requires 4xAAA batteries to power the light and has the storage box underneath which also prevents papers getting wet! There is a simple on/off switch and if you don’t require the light, then you can remove it and store it away inside the compartment.

The clipboard comes in two colours. Black and High Vis both of which are waterproof, and the storage compartment has a good seal around the edge to make that also watertight.

This piece of police kit will assist any investigator who needs light on the situation!

What other Police Kit have you found to assist you at Night?

With less and less Police on the ground at any one time you really need all the help you can get. Night shift if a time where usually there are less cops about to assist, and a time where you really need to get the job done and move onto the next.

Having a piece of police equipment, like the Niti  Clipboard can make your life easier and speed up your working practises to reduce workload. But what other pieces of kit are out there that you’ve used to help you through those potentially long night shifts?

One good piece of kit that we found, and that has been selling well, is the Glow in the dark pens! Sounds crazy but its true. You get a pack of 2 pens and each one has a light built in to assist in writing at night. So if you really need another piece of kit to help during those night shifts, check out our discounted light up pens.

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Nite Redi Illuminated Storage Board - Shock Pads for iPad, iPad Air & iPad Mini
Ticket Board introduces its new Nite Redi Illuminated Storage Box. Nurses, Doctors, Physiotherapists.Anyone taking part in ward rounds. The Nite Redi can even replace the traditional clipboard at the end of the patients bed.
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Nite Redi Illuminated Storage Board: Is it Worth the Investment?

If you're on patrol and need to take notes or something similar, then this piece of kit is ideal for that purpose. The simple clip at the tp allows you to secure any paperwork to the outside and make notes. It also have storage space to secure the paperwork once complete. Overall, the Nite Redi Illuminated Storage Board can be a useful tool for certain individuals and projects, but it may not be the best fit for everyone.

  • Illumination: The Nite Redi board has built-in LED lights that provide bright and even illumination across the work surface, which can help improve visibility and reduce eye strain.
  • Organization: The board has multiple compartments for storing tools, parts, and accessories, which can help keep everything organized and within reach.
  • Durability: The board is made from sturdy materials that can withstand regular use and potentially rough handling.
  • Portability: The board is relatively lightweight and easy to carry, making it a good option for people who need to move their workspace around frequently.
  • Size: The Nite Redi board may be too large or too small for some people, depending on their workspace and project needs.
  • Power: The board requires an external power source, which may not be convenient or easily accessible in all situations.
  • Price: The Nite Redi board is a specialized product and may be more expensive than other storage solutions or work surfaces.
  • Limited Use: The board is designed specifically for certain types of projects and may not be useful for individuals who work in other fields or have different types of workspace needs.
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