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Olight Baton 4 Torch – Plus EXTRA Police Discount

15% Discount with EXTRA POLICE savings
15% Discount with EXTRA POLICE savings
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In this comprehensive review, we delve into the features and capabilities of the Olight Baton 4, a cutting-edge torch designed to meet the demanding needs of police officers and security staff in the UK.

Highlighting its versatility, we explore its range of lighting modes, including a high-luminosity turbo mode and adjustable brightness levels, along with its intuitive indicators for ease of use.

Additionally, we examine the innovative dual-purpose charging case that not only recharges the torch but also serves as a mobile phone charger.

This article aims to provide a detailed understanding of how the Olight Baton 4 stands as an essential tool for law enforcement and security professionals, offering reliability, efficiency, and enhanced functionality in critical situations.

So what does the Olight Baton 4 Offer?

The Olight Baton 4 is a highly versatile and powerful torch, ideally suited for police officers and security staff in the UK. Its features and benefits, along with some potential drawbacks, are detailed below:


  1. High Luminosity: The torch shines at 1300 lumens in turbo mode, offering excellent visibility in various environments.
  2. Long Battery Life: Powered by a 5000mAh battery, the case can fully charge the Baton 4 flashlight 5 times, providing a maximum runtime of 190 days​​.
  3. Multifunctional Design: The digital display button shows the remaining power and allows for stepless dimming. It can also charge mobile devices via its Type-C port​​.
  4. Additional Features: The bundle includes a Perun 2 mini with a higher battery capacity than its predecessor and an i3T 2 Dragon & Phoenix Golden Black compatible with different types of batteries​​​​.
  5. Versatile Lighting Options: The Diffuse light in the bundle offers 5 brightness levels and a strobe mode, suitable for various situations​​.


  1. Cost: Even with the current discount, the initial investment might be considerable for some budgets.
  2. Complexity: The multitude of features and settings could be overwhelming for users who prefer simpler, more straightforward devices.

Overall, the Olight Baton 4 presents a compelling option for UK police officers and security staff, offering a balance of high performance, versatility, and durability. The current savings of £30.00 make it an attractive purchase for those seeking a reliable and multifunctional torch.

Olight Baton 4 Police Discount?

In addition to the substantial savings already available on the Olight Baton 4, there’s an exclusive offer for those in police and security services. By using the code HIGH5 at checkout, buyers can receive an EXTRA £5 off.

This additional discount is a token of appreciation for the hard work and dedication of law enforcement and security personnel. It’s a great opportunity to acquire this high-quality torch at an even more affordable price, enhancing its appeal as a valuable tool for those in demanding and crucial roles.

30% Discount with EXTRA POLICE savings
30% Discount with EXTRA POLICE savings
You get 30% off in the sale - Plus use our code HIGH5 and save an extra £5 - Only at Police Discount Offers.
183 days left

What’s in the Olight Baton 4 Box?

The Olight Baton 4 comes with an array of items in the box, ensuring a complete and ready-to-use experience:

  • Baton 4 Torch: The main feature, a high-performance, versatile flashlight.
  • Wireless Charger: For convenient and efficient charging of the torch.
  • USB Charging Cable: An alternative charging solution for added flexibility.
  • Lanyard with Pin Tool: For secure handling and ease of carry.
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: To keep the torch clean and well-maintained.
  • User Manual: Detailed instructions for optimal use of the torch.

whats in the olight baton 4 box?

Innovative Charging Case: Dual Functionality for Enhanced Convenience

The Olight Baton 4 comes with a highly functional and innovative case that adds to its utility, especially for professionals on the go. This case is not just a protective carrier; it serves a dual purpose.

Firstly, it allows for convenient charging of the torch while on the move, ensuring that users are never without light when they need it most.

Secondly, the case doubles as a mobile phone charger. Equipped with a Type-C port, it can charge mobile devices, making it a versatile tool for emergency situations or long shifts where access to power sources might be limited

Versatile Lighting and Intuitive Design: The Olight Baton 4’s Advanced Features

The Olight Baton 4 boasts a range of lighting modes, enhancing its versatility for various applications. It includes a high-luminosity turbo mode, reaching up to 1300 lumens, ideal for situations requiring intense brightness.

Additionally, it features multiple brightness levels, allowing users to adjust the intensity according to their needs.

One of the standout features of the Baton 4 is its intuitive indicators. These indicators provide clear, at-a-glance information on the current brightness level and the remaining battery charge.

This feature ensures users can easily monitor and adjust the torch’s settings, making it a highly user-friendly tool for police officers and security staff.

olight baton 4 light indicators

So do we recommend the Baton 4?

Yes, the Olight Baton 4 emerges as a top-tier choice for police officers and security staff in the UK, offering a blend of high performance, versatility, and user-friendly features.

Its robust lighting options, including the turbo mode and adjustable brightness levels, cater to various operational demands. The innovative charging case, doubling as a mobile phone charger, adds significant value.

With the current savings and an additional exclusive discount for police and security personnel, the Baton 4 represents not just a practical investment but also a testament to Olight’s commitment to supporting those who serve and protect our communities.


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