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Under Armour Micro G® Valsetz Leather Tactical Boot

A Light Work Boot for Law Enforcement Officers

The Under Armour Micro G® Valsetz Leather Tactical Boot is a work boot for law enforcement officers who hate work boots. As anyone who has to wear a tactical boot daily knows, this footwear can be heavy and uncomfortable. Feeling your feet cramped in stiff leather leads to exhaustion by the end of the day. That’s the last thing law enforcement officers need – and that’s where the folks at Under Armour step in with their Micro G® Valsetz.

The Micro G® Valsetz is light by tactical boot standards and boasts a quick break-in period. A spacious toe box accommodates wiggling toes and extra-thick socks.

Police Forces Ready: Outstanding Grip and Versatility

Tactical boots need to be comfortable. But they need to be more than that when you’re out in the field. After all, house slippers are also comfortable, but they aren’t going to keep you from slipping on an oily walkway or floor. Nor will they prevent your toes from breaking if you trip over a boulder or drop something on them.

The Under Armour Micro G® Valsetz will. This boot features slip-resistant outsoles and full-grain leather uppers. Rugged outsole lugs enhance grip on a variety of surfaces. A durable yet flexible TPU toe cap enhances toe protection.

Don’t forget about waterproofing. Under Armour impregnates the leather with a waterproofing compound then lines the boot with a moisture-wicking membrane so your feet can breathe without getting soaked when you’re doing field work in rainy weather. The company even seam-seals the stitches for enhanced moisture protection.

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Performance Meets Lightness and Comfort

Heavy tactical boots have been a staple for decades. Under Armour’s Valsetz shows that you can combine a comfortable and lightweight design without compromising performance.

The Under Armour Micro G® Valsetz has plenty of comfort features, including mid-calf height and a padded upper around the ankle for enhanced balance.

A thick foam midsole delivers responsive cushioning. Whether you’re sprinting alongside your department’s hallways, patrolling public areas or undertaking complex criminal investigations, these midsoles prevent fatigue.

The Under Armour Micro G® Valsetz also stands out in material choice. The full-grain leather is durable yet soft enough to ensure quick break-in and outstanding comfort. A textile material on the upper and tongue ensures breathability without hindering the boot’s waterproofing abilities.

Heft-wise, each boot weighs 17.6 ounces, which is far less than what we’d come to expect from the average technical boot. Don’t take our word for granted – just toss your pair of work boots on a scale and if they weigh more than 1.1 lbs each, consider upgrading to the Micro G® Valsetz. After all, the less weight you have swinging around your feet, the less exhausted you’ll feel after a shift.

As these Boots are durable and lightweight you are more likley to catch the criminal you’re chasing or go that extra level or 2 on the police bleep test.

Down to You

The Under Armour Micro G® Valsetz Leather Tactical Boot offers a stylish yet performing alternative to the average tactical footwear. Front and back pull loops make for an easy on and off, while the lace-up front ensures a perfect fit – though we wouldn’t recommend the boot if you have wide feet. [/emaillocker]

8.5 Total Score

Eye-catchy attention to detail, comfort, and lightness combine in this pair of tactical footwear. A good choice for the cold season for all officers who want to maximise protection while minimising fatigue. Find them right here at Police Discount Offers.

  • Police Discount code available.
  • Great for cold weather.
  • not suitable for wide feet.
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