Blackstone’s Police Manuals Q&A 2020

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Blackstones Q&A 2020

Get the latest edition of the Blackstones Q&A for 2020. If you are looking for promotion or expanding your knowledge base then these are the books for you!

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BlackStones Police Q & A 2020
BlackStones Police Q & A 2020

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Get the newest Version of the Blackstone’s Police Q&A’s for 2020! Plus you get discount when you get it today through Police Discount Offers! Bringing you the cheapest deals on Police Manuals.

The four volumes of Crime, Evidence and Procedure, Road Policing, and General Police Duties, reflecting Blackstone’s Police Manuals, contain hundreds of multiple-choice questions designed to reinforce knowledge and understanding.

Matching the only format of questions you will see in a NPPF Step Two Legal Examination, each question has a detailed and comprehensive answer that highlights not only the correct response, but also the reasoning behind the incorrect responses, allowing candidates to highlight any gaps or weaknesses in their knowledge.

Full cross-references to the relevant Manual paragraphs and Keynotes encourage more effective studying, while a question checklist helps you track your progress.


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