Police Kit

NITON POLICE PATROL VEST A great Police Vest made from Nylon and Mesh fabric.  The vest itself has been made to take the strain of carrying Police Officers appointments off your waist and evenly distribute it a lot more evenly around the vest. It is fully adjustable allowing you to wear ...

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PROTEC GLOVE HOLDER Police Discount Offers bring you another great idea for storing your kit! This Police Glove Holder is made from heat resistant nylon webbing, which gives it a great quality feel and also a professional look! The design is very simple and allows most gloves to be stored ...


POLICE RADIO DOCKING CLIPS Check out this selection of Different styles of Radio Docking Clips for your Belt and Jacket. There are seven different types, so be sure to get the right size! Prices start at £4.99 for the belt docking clip. These are ideal if you need extra clips to place your ...

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Get a pack of 10 Blue Police Pens, which write with black ink today. Suitable for any Police Officer, PCSO, Special Constable or Police Staff. Plus if your order now you get FREE Delivery!  

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Protec 50mm duty belt buckle cover

GOOD KIT FOR OFFICER SAFETY You always need to look after yourself at work and this piece of police equipment will help you do just that! It is a simple buckle cover for your belt which SHOULD be issued, but usually isn't! This particular police belt buckle is made from high quality 600D ...

Leather Gloves with Lead Shots Kevlar

Most forces don't issue protected gloves. These Police Gloves are brand new leather with Lead shots and kevlar lining. The product has been produced from genuine 100% cowhide leather with added quality Kevlar for warmth and comfort. They come in 4 sizes - 2XL, Small, Medium, X-Large. Whether ...

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Protec Tactical laptop CARRY CASE

POLICE TACTICAL LAPTOP CASE Police Discount Offers  bring you the Protect M8 Tactical Laptop Case - Although not sure why you would want a "tactical" laptop case? - Anyway it seems to be useful for carrying your kit or laptop if required! Made from high density 600D polyester and has a PVC ...

Gerber Black Crucial With Extra Strap Cutter

NEW GERBER - BLACK Police Discount Offers bring you the latest in Gerber Technology - The Black Crucial with strap Cutter. It is ideal for officers to carry on duty as it comes with an emergency strap cutter tool instead of the usual carabiner. This particular Gerber features a full sized ...

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The Police T7 Tactical Torch is a medium-sized handheld torch incorporating a high performance CREE Power LED Light Chip, with its shape and grip adjusted to meet the requirements of tactical units This combination of technology, performance and size, makes the T7 a powerful all-rounder. It ...

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Coloured Handcuff keys

The new ZT14 Handcuff Key. It comes in various different colours. The key fits all standard handcuffs issued to Police Officers. It has a pen type attachment which allows you to clip it to any of your pockets or belt whilst on patrol. This means you will always have the key to hand when you ...

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Boot Cleaning Kit for Police

The latest Boot Cleaning Kit! Great for travel and keeping in your locker at the Police Station! This item comes with two tins of polish, two brushes (polish on, polish off), Duster all kept nicely together in an Olive Canvas Bag. If you need new cleaning kit then this is for you! Very cheap ...

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Op Zulu Advanced Tactical Duty Vest

POLICE DUTY VEST Get the Op Zulu Patrol Vest from Patrol Store today! It has Klickfast Docks for radios and klickfast accessories on both the shoulders. The vest has adjustable velcro straps on the shoulders and front for efficient fitting and comfort. There are several options when purchasing ...

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DISCOUNT OAKLEY SUNGLASSES!!! The most up to date version of the Half Jacket Sunglasses, all round vision in the razor-sharp clarity of HD Optics. These glasses give you all-day comfort with their lightweight design, professional look and robust frame whilst giving you ultimate optical ...

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Op Zulu Z5.2 Tactical Torch | Police Discount

POLICE DISCOUNT ON OP ZULU TORCH THESE ARE OUT OF STOCK. WE RECOMMEND A CHEAPER BETTER TORCH HERE. This is the Op ZULU Torch from Patrol Store which has a 800 Lumen output and an operating time of 240 minutes on fully batteries. This is a quality torch with plenty of power at a very reasonable ...

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The Op. Zulu Duty Kit Police Bag is the professional kit bag built to accommodate all your shift equipment. Designed with specifically sourced materials and components the Op. Zulu Duty Kit Bag provides a rugged, durable, duty hold all with a professional appearance and high quality finish that ...

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PROTEC M24 HOLDALL An amazing holdall designed for Police Forces and Police Officers to carry all their equipment in one effective storage location. The compact design is water resistant and made from 1200d material, which means it is tough and sturdy enough for any situation. The bag has two ...

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This Watch is ideal for Policing Looking for a robust and professional watch for work? Something that won't break the bank but will do the job? Well this Infantry Quartz Watch is probably what you're looking for. It has a professional look and feel about it and it comes with the right price ...

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Vansky Police Torch – Durable and Professional

POLICE TORCH WITH DISCOUNT Welcome to the latest Police Torch review. This is the Vansky CREE XML2 T6 LED Super bright torch. It is very similar to the Alpha Zulu torch that Police Discount Offers sold. The Vansky Police Torch has 5 switch modes, one of which includes SOS mode. The beam is ...

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Peter Jones Belt Loop with Lanyard

Get this ideal belt loop with lanyard online today! It is a very handy piece of police equipment for keeping your keys, handcuffs keys or even your pen secure. If you drop it, you won't lose it! Do you have one? Is it worth it? Comment below and let others know.

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Op Zulu Professional Duty Gloves – Kevlar Slash Resistant

Get the all new Op Zulu Slash Proof Police Duty Gloves! They offer awesome comfort, smart appearance and priced very competitively. The outside of the glove is made of water resistant black leather which provides a quality and professional look, which means ideal for patrol duties or the ...

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POLICE LOCKER ORGANISER We all know how little room you have in your locker. So why not create more space using an organiser? This heavy duty organiser is ideal for hanging in your locker and placing all your kit inside! The Police organiser is made from 600D thick oxford fabric and has 16 ...

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Tactical Nylon Covert Rig

Police Covert Harness Get a brand new Covert rig with Free delivery. There is a left or right handed option. Each vest is adjustable to suit your size. The vest is designed to be comfortable, practical and hard wearing. There is room on the vest to carry your radio, CS Spray, Handcuffs and ...

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Police A4 Slim Storage Clipboard

Do you need to keep your paperwork safe and stored away without fear of damage? When your on patrol and you need to take a statement it can frustrating when you pull our your forms ony to find they are damaged or unusable. The Police Slim Clipboard make your job easier if you place ...

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Large Police Mobile Phone Belt Holder by EDC

KEEP YOUR POLICE MOBILE PHONE ON YOUR BELT Who doesn't go on patrol without their phone? Often officers use their phone instead of their radios due to bad reception or just simple convenience. Plus you always want your phone in case a loved one needs to contact you urgently. Therefore it ...

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Great Torch for Searching and General Police Duties This deal is not on discount but is at reasonable price. Police Discount Offers bring to you a Maglite Torch 3 X D Batteries at the right price.  The Maglite torch is known for quality, durability and trustworthy in any situation and has been ...

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Handcuff Key with Built in LED Torch

How often do you find yourself looking around for a handcuff key? Do you struggle in low light trying to double lock the handcuffs? Well this new Handcuff key will definately help you! This key is made from indestructible fibreglass with a hardend polymer body. It's greatest feature is that it ...

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Op. Zulu Police Patrol Bag

POLICE PATROL BAG Police Discount Offers have got another great deal for the Police Community. This Patrol Bag gives you the professional look and quality you would expect from this brand. It has been made from specially selected fabrics which all the bag to be lightweight but at the same ...

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Mil-Tec Police Jacket – Lightweight Black

POLICE SMOCK JACKET Looking for a lightweight Police Jacket? This Smock is very hard wearing and made from excellent durable material and provides a high collar with a concealed hood. This hood is adjustable and allows shaping around the face if required. There is plenty of storage ...

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KombatUK Police Patrol Pack 40L Black

Police Patrol Pack 40L We bring you this latest Discount on Police Bags. This is the Kombat UK Medium Assault Pack. It has approximately 40L of capacity and molle tabs are located all over the pack to allow you to add extra pouches when required. This Pack would made a good Bag for Police ...

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